Our Vision
To work with others to ensure that all have the right to live in dignity and with respect, free from abuse in all its form, without judgment, and to value others within a world of equality for all.

Our Mission
URU Connect is a not-for-profit organisation which provides and/or assist in the provision of services and development opportunities for the advancement of women in social life, to ensure their Human Rights are recognised.

Our Actions
We do this through training and development which can be bespoke and tailored to the organisations or individuals need.
We have experience of delivering a broad range of interpersonal skills, leadership, business and people management and have over 30 years grass roots experience of working with those with multiple and complex problems.
We have contributed to a range of policy and legislative changes to improve the lives of families, women and children. For example, the recent adoption by the European Court of Human Rights of the European Convention on Domestic Violence to name one ensuring minimum standards for all those affected by Domestic Violence.