Asrlar sadosi (Echo of Ages) Festival Of Traditional Culture

“Asrlar Sadosi” Festival 2010 was hosted in Khiva – an ancient city in Khoresm Region of Uzbekistan. This was a grand collaborative project of the Fund Forum and UNESCO, which will present the entire diversity of Uzbek national traditions and customs, applied art, and oral traditions.

Khiva, an eastern pearl hidden within the red sands of Kyzylkum Desert, has a history that spans 2,500 years and is one of the important centres of the Great Silk Road. Khiva offers an impeccable idea of what a Central Asian town would like in the middle ages, with its minarets and domes reminiscent of decorations in the “Arabian Nights”.

Every year, «Asrlar sadosi» is held in different regions of Uzbekistan in historical or cultural centers as an out-door fete with the participation of various experts, scientists and international guests. The festival in 2009 was held in Tashkent area and was visited by almost 50 thousand of spectators including diplomatic corps and international organizations from Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, China, Bulgaria, Russia and Japan.

Programme of the visit included:

  • The Asrlar Sadosi (Echo of ages) Festival
  • Antiques Auction (Fine Art, Jewellery, wood carving, metal)
  • Gala Concert
  • Excursions: Khiva—a “Museum City”/Modern Tashkent