Sharing Experience of Working with Perpetrators in Russia and the UK

URU Connect, UK is working with The Crisis Centre for Women and Children, Russia to develop a pioneering project aiming to develop and implement the Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP) in Sverdlovsk Area, Russia. The 2017-2018 project is funded by the Charity Aid Foundation, Russia.
The project will develop the first of its kinds Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP) in Russia to help people, who have been abusive towards their partners or ex-partners, change their behaviour and develop respectful, non-abusive relationships. The development of the programme will be informed through the expertise of the British DV sector.
The Crisis Centre “Ekaterina” will work with the Federal Penitentiary Service FSIN of Russia to jointly identify and screen perpetrators and deliver the programme in Sverdlovsk Area. Professionals from the FSIN will be trained to deliver this programme as part of their work with perpetrators. The training programme and materials will be shared through the Coalition of the Crisis Centres of the Ural Siberian Region and wider through the domestic violence sector in Russia.
Kath Rees MBE said “we are committed to supporting our International partners in developing multi-agency working and other strategies to improve safety for women and children victims of domestic violence in Russia”.
This project will build on the achievements of previous work with the Crisis Centre for Women and Children “Ekaterina” and the Coalition of the Crisis Centre of the Ural Siberian Region. Members of URU Connect have been working with “Ekaterina” since 1997 supporting “Ekaterina” during it previous successful international projects.

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